BRAVES quit giving out tomahawks in the midst of reaction over ‘Tomahawk Chop’

ATLANTA — after getting analysis from St. Louis Cardinals reliever and Cherokee Nation member Ryan Helsley over their advancement of the alleged “tomahawk chop” serenade, the Atlanta Braves didn’t distribute foam tomahawks on seats before Game 5 of the NLDS (National League Division Series) as they normally accomplish for playoff games.

The Braves gave an announcement Wednesday tending to the changes:

“Keeping in mind the worries communicated by Mr. Helsley, we will take a few endeavors to lessen the Tomahawk Chop during our in-ballpark introduction today. In addition to other things, these means incorporate not disseminating foam tomahawks to each seat and not playing the going with music or utilizing Chop-related designs when Mr. Helsley is in the game. As expressed before, we will keep on assessing how we enact elements of our brand, as well as the in-game involvement. We anticipate a proceeded dialogue with those in the Native American people group after the postseason closes.”


Helsley told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch prior to the series that he felt the serenade was disrespectful of his Cherokee legacy.

The Braves and their fans embraced the serenade during the 1990s, bringing in it from Florida State when previous Seminoles football player Deion Sanders played for Atlanta. It has kept on being a part of the Braves’ in-game presentation from that point onward.

“I believe it’s a distortion of the Cherokee individuals or Native Americans when in general,” Helsley told the Post-Dispatch. “Just portrays them in this sort of Stone Age man type individual’s way who aren’t scholarly. They are much more than that. It’s not me being insulted by the entire mascot thing. It’s definitely not. It’s about the misinterpretation of us, the Native Americans, and it downgrades us and how we’re seen in that manner, or used as mascots.”

Despite the fact that the Braves have dialed back their immediate connections to Native American symbolism, the Tomahawk logo is as yet conspicuous on outfits. They additionally sell merchandise with the expression “Chop On” decorated and encourage the serenade with music at key focuses in the game.


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